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  1. Need steering wheel controls with NEX receivers?

    Joemamma, I looked at that one, but was concerned because it uses IR technology that can have problems in bright sun. Still pondering. Regards, Dan.
  2. Need steering wheel controls with NEX receivers?

    Thanks for the feedback. After looking around, this steering wheel control looks like it might work: http://www.amazon.com/Metra-Universal-Steering-Control-Interface/dp/B0052HXPAI/ref=sr_1_2?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1405569033&sr=1-2&keywords=axxess+wheel+control. I don't like the idea of this kind of add-on, but it should work. Regards, Dan
  3. Hi. I'm considering either a 4000 or 8000 to add to my 2004 Honda CRV. The CRV does not have have steering wheel controls built in. So I may need to add them. But... How useful are steering wheel controls with a NEX receiver? Must have? Nice to have? Not really necessary? What is your opinion. Thanks, Dan. p.s. The CRV is a dingy (towed) vehicle that we bought seven weeks ago in a combo-deal with our new (to us) RV. It's in good condition, but it's pretty basic with no steering wheel controls. I'm wrestling with whether to invest in an extensive electronics system upgrade. Adding steering wheel controls could increase the overall cost significantly