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  1. You can try emailing Mike @ github@mikedecaro.com . It seems he took the source off his repo but may still give it to you if you ask him. He was the previous dev afaik.
  2. It's nice to hear someone else has had the issue. Pioneer claims to have never seen it before and their "official service provider" here in Ottawa refuses to even look at the stereo in the dash - like seriously won't even look in the car..apparently that's their "policy". It may be heat related but if so I'd be pretty surprised..or they units are literally big peices of sh*t. For that reason I'd be weary of using a hair dryer on it. I live in Canada and the highest temperature has hit maybe 32 degrees..which by summer standards is pretty normal. I also use a dash cover in my windshield. These wouldn't stand a chance down south if that's the case I'd say. After only having this unit for 2 years and with virtually no help from Pioneer I'd be hard pressed to 'upgrade' to any other Pioneer unit. Anyone ever take one of these screens off to repair them?
  3. I'm reaching out to you guys in hopes that you can assist me with an issue that happened out of nowhere with my AppRadio 2 unit in the past month. One morning when going out to my car I noticed little spots on the bottom right of the radio screen as seen in the picture below. They're in a place that never really gets used as there's not "bottons" there to press. Also, They don't leach down to the edge of the screen and when I press on them they don't seem to flex, nor is the screen itself "loose". It's very odd, it looks like some sort of gel between the glass and the screen itself (maybe UV gel?) Anyone ever have this issue? Any tips or instructions someone can point me to that might help me repair it? Attached is a picture that shows the issue.