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  1. NEX 8201 folder display order?

    third question about my new NEX8201... i actually believe this applies to all the NEX models, and probably other pioneer lines as well. files and folders don't seem to be listed alpha/numerically. they seem to appear in the order of which they were written to the storage device. is there a way to force the NEX to display the files and/or folders alpha/numerically, or (preferably) make alpha/numeric the default?
  2. NEX 8201 Recycle bin viewable?

    this is the 2nd post about my new NEX8201 HU. Hopefully someone here will be able to educate me as to why i am seeing recycle bin contents on the USB HDD (1TB NTFS). short of formatting the entire drive and re-encoding my favorite dvd's or buying another hard drive, i simply don't know how to correct this... my first attempt to fix this was to connect the hdd back to the computer and empty the recycle bin, but the PC recycle bin still shows no contents. any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. NEX 8201 Android Auto (opinion)

    i recently upgraded my nex8000 to an nex8201. the price was just something i couldn't pass up and i really wanted android auto... but now that i have it, i might be suffering some buyers remorse? when i say, "OKAY GOOGLE" to start the app, not only does my NEX8201 respond, but so does my cell phone, my son's phone, my daughters phone.. and i suppose anyone else with an android phone in the car at the time also. (please note, i have a samsung j7 as a dedicated hot spot in the car) google doesn't do a good enough job to satisfy me when i want to hear music.. i say "Play Supertramp", android auto starts playing Pink Floyd, etc.. generally in the same music genre, but almost never exactly what i want to hear. i wasn't thrilled at having to give up a usb port, and i knew this before i made the purchase, but i'm still gonna score this a thumbs down. android auto and my echo dot (connected via the j7 mentioned above), do not play well together. maybe its just me, but music played through android auto never seems to have a constant volume.. one song might be too quiet and i turn up the volume, but then the next song blasts my ears out! - its an exaggeration, but it really underscores how much this annoys me. no video, while driving.. okay i can respect that, its the law of the land and and technology is enforcing it.. but i get the same blasted "while driving" message even if i am on my lunch break and the car is parked! bottom line is i ended up disconnecting the android auto (via usb), and connecting a 2nd thumb drive. i guess the reason i am posting this (other than to share my generally negative experience), is to find out if i've missed anything that might sway me to reconnecting it? or possibly if there is something i can do to correct any of the above.
  4. 8000NEX DTS?

    is there a surround sound decoder for the 8000NEX? I've found several 12v pioneer surround sound units, but none that I've been able to find specifically say anything about 8000NEX support or interoperability. thanks
  5. WD Passport on 8000NEX

    @tickerguy just to validate what you wrote earlier, I created several 720x404 mp4 files put them on a usb thumb drive and they worked perfectly on the 8000nex. and thank you for the tip, I thought I was still going to be stuck at the 320x240 ipod classic resolution through the usb inputs (same as my old z140)...
  6. WD Passport on 8000NEX

    I could not get the 8000nex (new to me 8-7-14) to recognize a 1tb my passport ultra drive (new to me 8-8-14) as either fat32 or ntfs. but the fact that usb2 was an option leads to be believe the 8000 knows something is there... that to me screams a power issue... so I found a Y cable for the drive on ebay. in a week I will report my findings PS: fat32 supports drives up to 2tb.. you just need a 3rd party application to do the format (I use partition wizard) edit: yes, the Y cable works perfectly.. but it takes a terribly long time to read a 1TB before its accessible.