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  1. Hi You have options for both. The first option when you go to search by default is Siri but there is a keyboard symbol in the top right corner which brings up a full keyboard.
  2. Pioneer SPH-DA120

  3. Apologies for the delay in replying guys! i'll try and answer as much as i can... I paid £350 for it from Halfords, but i did not get them to install it! 1. Yes it is, being parked or driving doesn't effect the unit. 2. I downloaded a video podcast to test, and no video was played back, just the audio was played. 3. No need to bypass anything. I upgraded from an AppRadio 3 to the AppRadio 4 and to be honest, the size difference doesn't really make much different over the functionality you gain. When i installed it, i didn't 'feel' it was a lot smaller, the screen is clear and bright. I've been using the new unit for a week now and definitely impressed with it. If anyone else has any questions please let me know..!
  4. i've just bought and installed an Appradio 4...upgraded from Appradio 3...so far i'm impressed! Spotify is buggy as hell which we all know...hoping tomorrows update to iOS 8.1 fixes a few issues. One question i can answer is, a standard usb to lightning cable works fine. i bought one of the amazon basic ones. if you guys have any questions then let me know..