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  1. Error N/A 23

    So, I have been trying to get the usb port on the u310bt to be useful for something. Not having any luck. I have the 1.003 firmware. When I connect something to the usb port, be it an old ipod, my phone, an 8gb usb stick, a Zune, or anything else for that matter, I either get an error 23 message, check usb, or N/A USB. Am I missing something here? Things are formatted fat32 when applicable and such. The ipod is a 4g (old black and white thing, not a touch) with windows format. Also been wondering if there is some newer or other kind of firmware than the 1.003 stock that can do more. Can't seem to find the 2012 maps for this unit anywhere. Do they even exist or is everything that claims it is the 2012 maps for this actually for a different unit? Thanks in advance