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  1. Issue with Iphone 6 on AVIC Z130bt

    thanks for the post ninusc92. i was thinking of trying out a 64gb iPhone 6 and if it works then i will return my 128gb and trade for the 64gb. Based on your experience, this error can happen also with a 64 gb iPhone 6 so i will not be trading in my iPhone. one thing i noticed though. when my iPhone was charged around 85%-100% this USB error on the dash disappears and my phone can link up with the dash unit. when my phone battery wasn't charged very much, i get this USB error. i guess the phone is programmed to draw up more power to charge faster when the battery level is low (thus probably exceeding the 1A limit set by the dash unit). i can't confirm that's true - it's just my observation. ironically, it's when my iPhone's battery is low is when it's necessary for me to plug into my dash unit to charge. i can live with streaming my music/phone calls via bluetooth but i need to connect my iPhone to the dash unit to charge it when i travel. Maybe it's time to start saving up to upgrade the dash unit and get one with apple carplay.
  2. Hi everyone, I had an iPhone 4 when i installed my avic z130bt - worked great. I later upgraded to an iPhone 5 (64 GB) running on IOS 6, bought a 30 pin to lightning adaptor and works great again. I recently bought an iPhone 6 (IOS 8 - 128 GB). I plugged it on to my receiver and got an error message! It posted "USB flash drive was disconnected for device protection. Do not connect this USB flash drive to the unit. To restart USB, restart the unit." I looked up the operations manual and found that it can be one of two things: 1. the cable is bad 2. the connected usb storage device consumes more than 1A. The cable isn't bad since the unit still works with my old iPhones. The plug that came with the iPhone mentions that it has a max capacity of 1A so i'm not sure if the issue could be more than what was specified in the manual (i.e. is it an iOS 8 issue, or the unit can't read Higher capacity storage devices greater than 64 gb (just like some sd card readers)?. Does anybody here have a similar experience with an error message like this and would have a solution? If it's an amperage issue, is there a work around it? I've noticed on other forums in here that when they used their new iPhone 6 with the NEX units it works fine. Thanks in advance for the help.