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  1. OMG.... just figured it out. All this time I was using the the yellow camera RCA input. I even tried the other yellow input. if you read the manual, the camera goes in the BROWN input. smh feel free to kick me in the jimmy.
  2. same issue here and its driving me crazy. I have the camera tapped into the factory backup cam on my grand cherokee. Positive it is the right wires. I even ran the reverse light wire my self to make sure. The camera is triggered when you shift into reverse but it is a black screen. I even testested the camera again with the OEM headunit and it worked. Sounds like its an issue with the 5000nex. any help ?
  3. My Screen is stuck on the Password lock screen. I Know the password . The issue is the screen seems to have lost calibration and wont let me hit the "Go" Button. When I press the go button or any button on the last bottom row of the screen, It triggers the buttons above it. So when I carefully touch "go" the "Delete" button is triggered not letting me enter the password! Is there any test mode, or thing I can do to calibrate the screen while in the lockscreen ?? Thanks guys
  4. I have the same problem with my 5000nex! I did the install but I think I must have hit a wrong letter while entering my password because the password isn't working.. I have tried the tesmode SD card hack but it dosnt work. Nothing happens when i put the SD card in the deck. I really hope someone can make a new hack for the NEX series
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