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  1. Display illumination really dim

    I have just installed My used D3 into my 2004 Trailblazer LT. Non-Bose has OnStar Úsed Gmos-01 adapter (came with the unit) I have not got the Axxess ASXC module to work correctly either. And the D3 is really dim Sometimes I am able to see what is on the screen but most of the time it is so dim that it could not be read at the bottom of a really dark well or cave at midnight. (Yes, I am exaggerating a little.) Does this mean my unit is bad or does it have something to do with the illumination wire? Is there an illumination wire ? I was sure that I read or saw it listed. Where and what does the illumination wire do? What color am I looking for? I think I also need something to decide if the harness is correct, my wiring is correct or if someone tried to do a parking brake mod and did it wrong. I thought that I had it right but the info says that the brake is off when I put the car in drive and it is in park when I have it in park and stopped but no brake. Can any one help me out ??? Bud