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  1. I cannot find any confirmation if the avic-z1z2z3 image can run on the HRZ 09. It would be good to know for sure if anyone has tried it, otherwise I will be giving it a go. Here is what I know for sure (These are also notes to myself) 1. AVIC Z1 and AVIC HRZ 09 are very similar. The Z1 is for North America, the HRZ 09 is for the Japanese domestic market ( they should stop exporting cars with this unit ) 2. The HRZ 09 has different radio frequencies, its FM is limited to below 100 mhz, additional it comes with VHF TV capability - I think this is for Japanese frequencies only, as i
  2. I have spent a year waiting for someone to say they have either managed to load Z1 North America Image onto the JAPANESE HRZ 09 So far no one seems to either confim that the z1 firmeware works or it does indeed brick this unit. Here is what I have discovered: 1. The AVIC HRZ 09 is very similar to the AVIC Z1 1. The System Test Disc doe indeed work on this unit
  3. Pioneer AVIC HRZ 09 So far: System Test Disc boots. Burned using Magic ISO Maker: Mode 1 & Finalize CD option selected. As Shifter said, its all in Japanese and you must use the REMOTE! however the remote is in japanese and this instruction is difficult to follow: 6. Scroll down to option 9 "HDD FLG Set" with the 'PLIST DOWN' button - p. 214 manual and press 'MENU' button to enter setting mode 7. At the "press POS to change flag" prompt, press the "MAP" button 8. Now the AVIC unlocks the hard disk
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