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  1. Z110BT tuner restart error

    I did the upgrade to my Z110BT. After that, I started getting a tuner restart error message. Does anyone know how to fix this? The unit is usable for the most part. It's just that the message obstructs the view of the information and if you hit ok, the message pops back up after about 4 seconds. This makes having the error pretty annoying. When I did the update, I did not nor have I ever had the MSN tuner connected.
  2. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    I'm assuming that no one has a fix for this tuner restart error. Since I'm at the end of my rope, I'm ready to experiment. I don't see the newer head units offering anything that I would want. So I'd rather brick this one trying to fix it than send it in for repairs or get a newer unit. So send the ideas my way so I can try them out.
  3. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Meh, can't do that right now. Can we revisit the idea of reverting the head unit back to its original firmware? The way I see it, a simple software update shouldn't be causing a hardware problem. Maybe there was a break in power that screwed something up during the update. The head unit is after all in a 17 year old car with electrical problems. I just find it surprising that the error started after that update. I'd also like to know if there is a way to stop the unit from showing any error messages like getting rid of the nag screen and that objects appear closer message.
  4. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    So I decided to reply to pioneer and this is what they said. It is possible that there was an issue with operating system on the unit prior to the update. Therefore when performing the update there was some form of sector error which resulted in this issue. Now if I was dealing with a computer, a boot sector error would be easy to fix but I have no idea how to manipulate the inside of this thing. So, does anyone have a clue on how to fix this or an experimental way I can fix this bad boot sector error.
  5. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    kttii, Will this correct the tuner restart error problem?
  6. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Well, I ran the script and the unit is once again operational for the most part. But I'm still getting the tuner restart error. Do you know if there's a way to remove the display of error messages somewhere in test mode? Because the unit is working fine, it's just that the error message blocks your view and prevents you from using the menus without hitting the ok button constantly.
  7. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Cool thank, I'll try it out. Quick question though. How do I get out of testmode once I'm done making these changes? I'm wondering if the very first time I went into testmode if I did something wrong. It says press the navigate button or what I'm guessing is home on my unit to exit. This allowed me to get out of the file extension I was looking in back to the main testmode menu. So I just took my SD card out and turned my car of. Is there a reboot sequence I can use? I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have done that, but I figured everything would be fine since that's what I did after installing the short fuse hack and updating the maps.
  8. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    No it hasn't. I knew better than to do that. Ok, so my SD card should look like this? TESTMODE.KEY PRG.FLG Then I just copy this text document file from the sd card and paste it to the path I deleted it from correct?
  9. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    No, the other files are still there. My daughter was playing on my phone so I couldn't take a picture at the time and I was just trying to show you the only file I deleted. Do I put anything inside this notepad file or do I just leave it blank and name the file prg.flg all caps?
  10. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Path: USER .. .DAT PRG .FLG AR This is roughly how the menu looked and the letters highlighted in red was the only thing I deleted. What software do I use to recreate this file?
  11. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Ok, that wasn't to painful. I deleted that file. After I rebooted, I got a message saying that no applicable program is available and the unit won't do anything after that. The only thing I can do is use the SD card to go back into testmode.
  12. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Yes I'm still getting the error. I sent a message to pioneer customer support to see if they had a fix for the problem. I looked through all the error messages in the service manual, but didn't see anything so i figured I'd throw them a curve ball. This is the message they sent me. I haven't tried the testmode fix yet, but I'll let you know how I made out once I do. My unit is old as hell and I'm not sure if I want to send it to them for repair. Also I know nothing about car stereo installation so that means I'll have to try and find someone to take it out hopefully for free. I don't like the way he said "something is going wrong inside the radio and MAY require service". There should be no reason why he wouldn't be able to research and get back to me with a legitimate answer. As the subject matter expert, he should be able to tell me exactly what's wrong.
  13. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    My bad, I just looked at the BT firmware and it is 3.32. It was originally 2.50. I wasn't given the option during the update to go to 3.10, I'm not having any BT issues as of now. Could you explain in detail on how to do this? BTW, I didn't answer your original question. Yes I did disconnect the gex-p920xm. testmode and deleting /USER/PRG.FLG If that file does not exist, then you should create an empty file on your PC and copy it to /USER.
  14. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    Alright, I'm going to attempt this. First, could you tell me if I installed the update correctly. I'm going to list what I did in order to see if I made some kind of mistake. 1. Installed Shortfuse 2. loaded these files (UPDATE, FIRMWARE, and the file CARDINFO.CIF) on an SD card and let it install with the proper cardinfo.cif for my unit. 3. Checked to see if firmware updated correctly according to the manual and my unit is showing that it's been upgraded to version 7. 4. Updated BT firmware from 2.5 to 3.20 Now, since my unit is essentially a Z140BH buy software standards, do I need to follow the Z110 service manual that was posted here on avic411 or do I need to find a Z140 service manual to try and get into testmode. Everything else was easy up until now with the hard work you guys put in, but i'm a little weary about going into testmode and messing around with the files. I think this might be over my head. I tried factory reset thinking that it would set the unit back to it's original version but it doesn't work that way. i read the manual and it said all this does is reset some settings and there are different types of "resets" that you can use but nothing to convert my unit back to Version 1. It's not bricked so that's good news.
  15. Updating my Avic Z110bt

    I tried both of your suggestions but I'm having no luck. I also don't have the msn direct tuner installed. Would it be ok if I did a restore factory settings and do a reinstallation of the software?