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  1. nvm.. Managed, trough the dutch add site MArktplaats to get my hands on a userfolder, and it works again, jay:-)
  2. Killed my F840BT only testmode is working :(

    But no reply?
  3. yeah, in the netherlands. How do you want to fix it? I tried some more things, am now back to the error "no applicable program found".
  4. I managed to force write the firmware. Now back to the old error "no applicable program found". At selftest still the HD radio fails, firmware is missing. Also bootloader is unknown, and some other stuff in "version"is unknown.
  5. Hello people, Tried to get my hands on the user folder but no luck with that,m so..trying other thing.s I was playing with testmode,. I saw force write there. But none of the options are able, getting "..."at all options. Is that a failure of the SD card? Thjought, maybe I can force it to start the 2015 update, but nothing. There are also tests to perform. Now, all works, only the HD radio fails. So, asuming that that is the problem why, when I start, I get the splash screen, but then the screen greys out. Lights of the button do stay on, CDplayer works but further no response. Anyone got an idea? Really have to get this thing going, going on holidays by har in 2 and a half week, dont want that without radio, navi etc... Called pioneer btw, they wont try to recover the software, they only say, oh, this and that unit is probably broken, will cost atleast 400 euro.\\ help!
  6. strangest thing with bricked F940bt

    Btw, see the private message I sent..
  7. strangest thing with bricked F940bt

    Yes, I can access it. But since I have no correct folder(s)... not much I can do. I did tried multiple times the force rewrite thing with an official pioneer update, but now I get the "....." with the SD card. Going to dive into that again, I have a topic from here that might give a solution, but I think its best to just drop the correct folders in there...
  8. I ruined my unit with COndi's hackmode.. TRied all the solutions I found, no succes sofar. But at one moment, some update started, and after that I dint see anymore the message "no applicable program found"but I see a greyisch, black screen. But.. weird thing is, when I put in a dvd, it does start to play and I have sound. Someone has any idea?? Or maybe a full backup of the folders? THat is where my biggest mistake was, I didnt manage copy-paste and thought hackmode would enable this:_(
  9. how did you get this fixed? My 940 is bricked..INitially only saying "no applicable program found". TRied multiple things, and now that is gone but I only have a black screen after startup screen. I can still use testmode.
  10. F940bt need User folder

    Hello, I need the user folder:-) If you have it, please share..
  11. complete image of F940BT?

    Allright..yeah, I was stupid. Didnt read well. COunldnt copy paste in test mode (after all I just did it in thr wrong way), readed somewhere that hackmode is A SOLUTION.. but now the unit doesnt do anything anymore. Well. I can get into testmode. But I dont have a backup....so..not much I can do. Now, is there a mod I can try now anyway? The unit only sais "no applicable program found" Or, a backup of the user folder, someone to share? I had the latest firmware /update on it.
  12. new navigation for F940BT

    no one?
  13. new navigation for F940BT

    Hi All, I been scrolling trough the forum, but couldnt find a (recent) good topic what quickly gives me an answer. So... dropping the question in a new topic. I have done 2 updates now on the unit, but after last hpoliday wioth the car I really had it with the poos navigation of the Pioneer. SO often its way too late with telling me to turn, plus the fact that it often sais "go slightly to the right"while you really have to turn. Its just no good! So... I want to have other software on it. Tomtom, garmin, anything better then this. What has been tested and works fine?
  14. hello all, I updated my f940bt somehow with the 2013 files. Now I want to do the same with the 2015, but I am completely lost. I do have a the password for the (Flomsen)zip file , but that already seems to give some errors. It does unpack something though. But then I go to the instructions.. And I see testmode. No clue how to run that. Can someone give a more extensive manual how to do this? Also the files that need to be changed; iuf these are suppose to be in the zipfile, its not there.