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  1. I ended up just sending the unit to Pioneer. They have had the unit for a week so far fixing the screen calibration issue as well as a burned out LED and the screen not coming out sometimes. There's a flat $200 charge to do repairs so it was easier just have them fix all the little issues. Plus their repair facility isn't too far from me.
  2. Pioneer emailed me back after I asked a second time and they said there is no manual way to recalibrate the screen and that the unit has to be sent in for service. Service is $200 :x How the hell can you have a touch screen and have no way to readjust it. Damn even my treo you can recalibrate the screen.
  3. 25 views and nobody knows how to do this? :o I am sure this has happened before :?:
  4. Can someone please tell me how to recalibrate the touch screen on my AVIC-N1? Pioneer is no help at all they just want $200. On their knowledge base they list a generic touch panel adjustment but it dosn't appear to apply to the AVIC-N1 since it doesn't have a V button. Where ever I press on the screen it responds 1/2 inch to the right of where I am pressing. Please someone must know how to adjust the touchscreen. Thanks in advance.