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  1. X940bt 2015 MAP UPDATE

    Yep. It's out, believe it or not, and I have one to sell! I bought it accidentally for my X920BT, but it's not compatible. So I then bought the CORRECT one for my unit and still have the old one. I opened the plastic wrap, so they probably won't take a return. If you'd like it for $20 off, it's yours. I have an eBay auction up, actually...can PM you. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141789369142?item=141789369142&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123&vxp=mtr
  2. New Maps

    OK, I see it now. That one is "Only Compatible With: AVIC-Z130BT, AVIC-X930BT, AVIC-X9310BT, AVIC-Z140BH, AVIC-X940BT" However, I have an X920BT and there is NOW a version posted for that model. Because there was NOT a version posted for the X920BT when I came across that link myself, I went ahead and purchased it, thinking that my X920BT is on S/W version 5.000, which I thought made it functionally an X940BT in every way. T Thus, I was hoping this upgrade and maop update would work on the X920BT. Nope....can't get it to install. I can go ahead and order the one they BELATEDLY posted for sale for the X920BT, but I can't send back the one I ordered (opened the damn plastic wrap). Sooo.....Does anyone have any idea how to hack a fully-purchased X930/940BT 2015 update to work on an X920BT currently on S/W v5.000? Alternatively, anyone want to buy it for $20 off? R, Bill
  3. New Maps

    NAVTEQ changed names to HERE. It's not a new company. More importantly, where do you see that 2015 maps are out? All I see are some europe map updates. I can't find ANY reference to Pioneer maps anymore on the current HERE site. It appears they've completely stopped supporting Pioneer map updates. Can you be more specific regarding WHICH 2015 map updates you think have been released and on what website you see them? Can you provide link?
  4. What's Up With Maps Updates for X940BT and Earlier???

    Hello? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller.....? Bueller???
  5. What's Up With Maps Updates for X940BT and Earlier???

    Ha...the number of changes in roads, freeways, and highways in my area are comically large. The lack of availability of current map updates for Pioneer is driving my family to use Google and Apple maps more and more on our smartphones in the car, instead of Pioneer....it's rapidly becoming a brick. But seriously, does ANYONE have any specific information about my question? What's up with the X9XX series map updates? It's 2015...the last update was 2013 (really using 2012 data).
  6. The more recent models have 2014 updates for sale on the HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) website. What's up with the slightly older models??? Have Pioneer and NAVTEQ/HERE stopped supporting the older models with map updates???? What's going on? It's the end of 2014...