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  1. X950BH MAPS?

    Hi dlbrow10! The place where I look for new maps is here: http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-NavteqNorthAmerica-Site/en_US/-/CAD/ViewStandardCatalog-Browse?ShowAllProducts=YES&CatalogCategoryID=zBgKCghBJ7UAAAFHkQd1WV1v My unit is a 9310bt, I've been going in regularly to see if the new 2016 maps are out yet. Nope! There are 2015 Maps available now for all units except for models with a '50' in the model number.. ie: the 950 or 850 there are 2014 maps available now. In the past the new maps seem to come out (for Pioneer) in July or August ... which is when I have purchased mine. So hopefully you will be able to get a new one soon. Thanks
  2. Hi fugue! I have a 2012 Subaru Legacy as well (2.5 Limited though) and the x9310 as well. I was going to take to a car stereo shop this summer to get the bypass done. i might try this!! Cool idea.
  3. Dim display

    Hi RonS! Our Legacy, as far as I know, isn't a grey market car. We bought it from a Subaru dealer here, warranty through Subaru Canada. Our car was made in the US though. Wonderful car! It does have day time running lights. Personal preference I'm afraid on always driving with headlights on. It's just how I've always driven. We live right on the coast. Lots of fog and rain. Our car was new from the dealer. Our model of the Legacy (it's a Limited sub model) came from the factory with the 9310 installed. So I'm assuming it was wired right. Anyway, our preference doesn't really affect anything other than the visibility of what's on the screen on our unit (other than we go through a new set of headlights every 12 to 15 months). I'm not sure if the original head unit did this (this is number two) but it's almost unreadable during the day .... With the lights on. After your earlier post, I did go through and had a look at the manual. I did go in and found the setting to turn it off of the automatic setting for headlights. So it shouldn't dim. It does still dim with the lights on. So I'm thinking this summer I'll take it to a local car stereo shop and get the unit bypassed. So we can change gps settings while we drive. While they do that I'll get them to put a switch in the illumination line to the unit. So I can force it to not dim. I'd like to do it myself ..... But old eyes aren't very sharp anymore. Thanks for your suggestions though. It was a good try just doesn't work on my unit. I wonder if it matters that I put in two map updates? Thanks again.
  4. Dim display

    Thanks RonS! I just tried what you said... However, whenever I put on the headlights the screen dims. This happens whether the unit is set to Day or Night. Also tried going into Map Setting and changing to Daylight or Automatic. The screen still dims when the headlights are turned on. Any more suggestions? Thanks
  5. Dim display

    Hi We have an 9310 in our 2012 Legacy. Irregardless of day or night we drive with our headlights on. This dims the 9310s screen, while fine at night, during the day the screen isn't readable. I was thinking I could use a switch to interrupt the illumination wire going to the unit. Don't know if I want to muck about with the wiring. Is there another way? So... Is there a way (non wiring way) to have the screen not dim with the lights on? (We would still need to dim the screen at night.) Thanks
  6. New Maps

    Hi! Yes there is a 2015 map update for the 9310, 930, and 940, just go through this link: http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-NavteqNorthAmerica-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewStandardCatalog-Browse?CatalogCategoryID=dCoKCghBY2EAAAE5kqYHXzWa&ShowAllProducts=YES Hope this helps. I've got mine ordered now. Just waiting for delevery. Thanks
  7. New Maps

    Hi! We have a x9310 which has been updated with the 2013 maps. I see that the new 2015 maps have just come out and these are from 'HERE'. Not Navteq. Is Pioneer moving away from Navteq maps? Has anyone done the update to these new maps? Are they any good? Thanks
  8. Working better & new maps

    Hmmm... That's interesting. Both old and new windshields look similar. Both have the shading. However the antenna is about and inch lower on the windshield now. With the old windshield the antenna was pushed right up top to the edge of the headliner. Couldn't see the cable running front it. Now I can.... Maybe that's the difference. Thanks
  9. Working better & new maps

    We have a x9310bt in our 2012 Subaru Legacy. I believe that our gps antenna is inside the hockey puck sized plastic thing that is affixed to the upper right inside corner (ie upper right passenger side) of the windshield. Some low life type smashed the windshield in the middle of the night a couple of weekends ago. We replaced the windshield the next day. The gps antenna is in the same spot on the new windshield as the old ...... However the gps is more accurate! Before the gps might show us as on a street to one side. Now we are on the right street. Any ideas what caused the improved performance? New 2014 maps. Now that the 9310 works better I thought I'd buy new maps. I've done the 2013 map update. Do you know when new ones are coming out? Thanks
  10. Avic Nex5000 or 940/9500 differences?

    Hi! Interesting topic! The upgrading an older AVIC X to a newer NEX unit. This is what we are thinking of doing as well. Our Subaru came from the factory with a x9310. While it has great sound the tiny little icons are difficult to operate as we drive. So the thought of the larger Carplay icons is appealing. However, the thought of having to re run the GPS cable, the iphone cable through the center console, re-wiring things in back is kind of daunting. Are the connections the same on the back for an older AVIC and the newer Nex radios? Was it simply unconnecting plugs from the back of the old radio and then plugging them into the new unit? Thanks
  11. Subaru Splash Screen - X930BT

    Hi! Looks great on our 9310bt in our 2012 Legacy. Thanks
  12. What is it?

    Hi! With the new unit everything works perfectly. Except of course for the AppRadio thing. That never worked. Have given up on that!! Apple has announced CarPlay .... iphone integration that will most likely work unlike Pioneer's attempt. Unit looks sleek too. Can't wait.
  13. What is it?

    Hi Well I learned something today..... The dealer pulled the replacement unit. It was a 9310bt. No model number on the front panel under the eject button or Navteq maps like my original button. I thought that 9310s only came with those (model number and Navteq). Well what to do... I had the 2012 map update from my original machine. And I also had the 2013 map update that I had purchased to install (but not installed) on my original unit. So I called Pioneer Canada tech support. Gee I actually got through. Surprise. And someone helpful too. Double surprise. He said that a unit with the Tele Atlas maps would be updated with the 2012 or 2013 Navteq maps. That the Navteq maps will replace the Tele Atlas maps. The 2012 map update wouldn't work for me as I had already used it once. I was expecting that he'd tell me a work around as my original unit was defective. But no. Nothing I could do. He assured that the 2013 would work. So I installed it. It took about 30 minutes to install. And.. It worked. You end up with the 2013 maps, firmware version 5.0, and bluetooth version 3.2 something. The backup camera now has guidelines where before it was just the image without guidelines. So I guess if you have a 9310 it might have (come with originally) either TeleAtlas or Navteq maps. You can update either .... to Navteq maps. And you'll get the latest firmware too with the map update. Anyway FYI. Thanks
  14. New 2013 US/Canada Map for X9310BT (X940 firmware)

    Hi! Yes, I received my 2013 Pioneer map update today. It shows as compatible units as;Z130, Z140, X930, X9310, and X940. So that says to me if you updated a 930/9310 to a 940 using the 2012 map update. That this should work too! So once I get a 9310 installed again in my dash I will be ready to go. Thanks
  15. What is it?

    Hi! My x9310bt needed replacement (bluetooth would connect then disconnect, music through the 51V cable stopped working, and the GPS would show us on the next street over depending upon the direction traveled). Took it into our Subaru dealer. They said warranty repair. I said great! They ordered one in (it comes from Pioneer Canada) and yesterday was the day. They put it in... Well in the bright of day today, I saw that the unit wasn't the same as the 9310. The icons on the audio screen are different - no AHA or Pandora. And at boot up the trademark lines said that the maps are from Tele Atlas. Not Navteq. That's not good ... I have the 2012 map update with the 2013 ordered. The 9310bt had the model number on the front under the Eject Button. Nothing on this unit. So it's not a x9310bt ... but what is it? The dealer said that this is what Pioneer send them for the warranty exchange. I'm not going to pry it out of the dash to find out. Is there a way in the menus to find out what model this is? The dealer said that they'll get another unit from Pioneer. I'm hoping this will be the 9310bt. Any idea what this unit is? Thanks