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  1. I've taken a couple ideas from here and there and I've came up with something to my liking, free to use for anyone looking for a custom splash screen for their Subaru. Here it is:
  2. Factory installed x930bt in 2012 Subaru bypass?

    Here is a picture directly from Subaru.ca website: It looks exactly like the X930BT, the only difference is this model of the AVIC, is named X9310BT, which is the model for automotive dealers, and when I called Pioneer, there is no physical difference other than the model #. So if the green wire is connected to the handbrake as it should be, should I just cut it and ground it with the yellow wire? That's my biggest question! Thanks, JP
  3. Factory installed x930bt in 2012 Subaru bypass?

    Btw, the unit is exactly a x930bt, but was factory installed (option here in Canada), have yet to take it apart to see the connections in the back, all i know is when driving i dont have access to any gps nor dvd option, so i know its wired correctly. JP
  4. Ive searched the forum and found lots of great info, but what i was wondering is if it would be the same as the x930bt bypass. Everything was instaled by the factory as it was an option from the factory. I am assuming that the vss, parking brake and all connections are done factory wise, how would i bypass the unit? Simply cut the parking brake wire and connect it with the ground and yellow wire(which is moved in the connector), correct? Also, does the bypass work even if the vss wire is connected? Thanks, JP