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  1. I know this forum is more geared towards the firmware but giving this a shot. I have an X930BT running to a Kicker 4 channel amp. I am getting noise from the head unit. I get some noise from the RCA cable (when unplugged from the HU), but it's just noise, it doesn't sound like the motor. The RCA outputs measure 0.3 ohm when the unit is turned on. I tested this by placing the DMM red lead on the RCA negative and the black lead on chassis ground. Does this indicate the pico fuse is still good? Does the X930BT have a pico fuse? I don't have a spare head unit to test with. Vehicle is a 2015 Ford Transit. Previously I had this same setup in a 2003 Tundra and had no issues. I then tried to install it in my 2004 Sienna and had the same problem. noise, I wonder if I blew the pico fuse during that install. I didnt' want to mess with it in the Sienna, so I just drove the stock speakers from the HU amp and there was NO noise at all. I have tried multiple stock grounding points for the amp. I also grounded it to the chassis and wire wheeled all paint away. When the RCA cables are completely unconnected, there is no noise so I think the amp is ok. I also tried grounding the head unit directly to the chassis (stock grounding lug) and it was the same. I disconnected all peripherals (mic/gps etc). I am testing with the HU volume on zero and the gain on the amp up. When I wrapped wire around the RCA negative and then grounded to the HU chassis - I could hear the HU every action through the amp - the CD spinning etc. It didn't help at all! It was actually a little worse. I tested with alternate RCA patch cables, running straight from the HU to the amp, not touching any metal or any other wires. Noise is still there. The amp is not touching the chassis either. My second amp for the subwoofer (Kicker ZX750.1) does not seem to have any noise issues at all. I disconnected and removed that amp for testing purposes. Any other ideas?