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  1. Hello all. I've been reading the posts on this website for years as I've always had Pioneer AVIC units starting with the original one, oh yeah LCD screen screwed to the dash of my truck and a separate unit to hold the DVD. Nice! Anyways, I've had the AVID-D3 in the last 2 trucks I've had and it has finally crapped out. Can't even see a map anymore, disc is jammed in there, won't come out, taking FOREVER to boot up bla bla....it's done! So, I went into a local car audio shop today and heard some really crappy news. Apparently the connections (ipod cable and my XM radio) that were on the D3 are NOT compatible with the new units currently on the market. Of course the saleman tried talking me into just going with a new unit even though I told him I needed to keep the same connections that I have. Not so much because of the ipod connection. That's obviously an easy fix if they've changed that cable but my problem is my XM radio. When XM and Sirius were in talks of merging XM offered a lifetime subscription which I jumped on immediately, so I have a lifetime subscription to XM and the XM NavTraffic, which is all stored in my XM brain, connected to the AVIC unit with that ibus (I think that's what it's called) connection. Also in line with that connection I have the Bluetooth device which I never used and then the cable for a 12 disc changer that I currently don't have installed in my truck but do like having the ability to throw it in. So, my question to anyone that would be able to help me with this is this: Should I just get on ebay and buy a used D3 and hope I get a year or two out of it, or is there a newer model (I know the brand new ones won't work) that I could get that would still be able to connect to the system I currently have? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!