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  1. Does anyone can tell me, how to enter test mode in this AVH ? thx buddy
  2. Hi every body, after change a battery on my car, my avh-x8600bt ask on the screen to enter a password when i look at, on the manual i don't found it. please if somone can help . thx in advance for reply
  3. please does anyone can help me ! i download the full firmware in official site and nothing happens when i put my sd card in slot ! my carradio show only Navigate and nothing happens. thx for everyone who intersted for my threat .
  4. Good evening team, i'm a new one in this forum and i hope to find some solution ! i have 9110bt and now it's just switch on with pionner logo and nothing happens on the screen. i know it's need to update a firmware but i don't found it . please can someone help me ! thx in adavnce for your help.
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