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  1. HELP D3 problems!!

    Ok so this happened too me as well here is the fix, this is not for people who are scared of opening there deck! you have too take the deck apart on top is the DVD player underneath is the processor board, and under that is the power supply board. remove the processor board it is easy too spot because it has a large chrome like surface on it. Remove this piece and all connections "please remember how and where they go p.s. Pics work good. Turn ur oven too 400 degrees. Once preheated place the board right side up, chips facing up. Let it sit for 10mins remove from oven and let sit for 30 mins reinstall everything and your set. may be unbelievable the the board suffers from the same PS3 red light issue. You can see a YouTube vid, type in PS3 oven fix if u don't believe me. Short version of issue the solder on the processor from heat has come off the board and won't boot. Hope this helps glhf. email me if u have questions or run into any issues.