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  1. DiskRW wrong update .

    Nobody can help me??? plzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Hy everybody. Starting from the beginning. Somebody accidentaly deleted some files from the f900bt. I read a lot of info here , and tried to "repair" it. First time i managed to format it with the 2 wince files , entered in testmode, and finaly in wince. til here everything went ok. Tried to do the operation below... when i selected sdmlc file , instead of selecting .IMG file , i selected .DLL , and i pushed update.. he did some things ..... , after reset comes a blue screensaver and shutdown. it does nothing. Since than i cannot go in wince. PS. before the wrong RW i could enter in pioneer menu , but only 3 buttons where working(navi-not , phone-not , av-not , settings - yes... but once inside the setting nothing else worked , only the backspace button.) I downloaded from 4 places the testmode, i cannot enter in wince. Anybody any idea ?? Thank's Step 5) Adding SDMLC a) Open DiskRW b)change the little dot in this program to Write (instead of read) c)click on the first drop down menu and and find where it says SDMLC and make sure that shows in the window d)Click on the botton that has the three dots (...) and brows to your SD Card and then find the file NN746UC_SDMLC_0_108009984.IMG and click on it (if in Europe need to select your regions SDMLC file
  3. Could you send me please the original EU files also? My f900bt is on blue screen. and i tried everithing.... ( thank you