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  1. Hi Sinbrad, I've managed to sort my issue out. I created a usb port by using a live cable and using the existing negative/ground cable already there. I now have 15/20w coming through a quickcharge 2.0 port that is charging my phone effectively. I know it was frustrating for me also as the USB port only has enough power to manage the HDMI inputs or MHL inputs.
  2. Hi guys, I have an app radio 2 and an android device with google play music subscription and obviously am aware of the limitations with it. I know there was a previous thread on this before but it didn't have an answer. Is there a way to stream Bluetooth a2dp on this unit somehow? Even if it means using the 30 pin dock connector somehow? My issue is that I can use an fm transmitter but my car doesn't have a cigarette lighter so I am stuck with just USB devices and honestly I'd prefer an easier solution. Can anyone help?
  3. 400ixl Can I use this to wire in from the cables going into the loom? To take the power from there?
  4. Hi guys, My car doesn't have a cigarette lighter port and I am having to rely on the appradio to charge my phone. The trouble is, it charges extremely slowly through the usb and if I am doing anything else with the phone such as navigating by GPS, it drains the battery even though it is charging. I am not using the android connectivity kit and I have a HTC ONE m9. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can make it either charge quicker or is the android kit better for this purpose? Rather not have to hack my car just to install a Cigarette lighter! Thanks all.
  5. I have the appradio2 that came with the orignal cables one of which looks like an original iphone dock connector. I was wondering if it was possible to connect the ipod touch 5g using the existing cable if I get the AV lightning adapter or do I need to purchase the new cable aswell? Thanks all.
  6. HTC One M8

    Hi all, I am new to all of this stuff but I got myself an appradio2 and I have been trying to get my HTC one M8 with android lolipop to work on it without much success. I have downloaded the appradio app and I have got the carkeyboard started up but all i see is a mirror of my phone without the touch screen interface working. Is the appradio2 compatible? If so does anyone know how to get it to work? Thanks, Jayson