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  1. bonjour avez vous une copie de sauvegarde pour pouvoir reparer le miens?

  2. Hello, I have Avic F10BT and the physical keys on the panel have stopped working. Only eject works. You can not enter the settings: HOME, MODE, etc .... The touch panel is working properly. maybe there is some local keypad lock on the panel. Maybe there is a problem elsewhere? Please help
  3. Avic F930BT

    The navigation demonstration mode is off, in addition this mode demonstrates the operation of navigation, for me it is a demonstration of the capabilities of all equipment. The demonstration ends with a bar code and from the beginning. I will try to record a video and post it. The manual has only a description of disabling and enabling the navi demo.
  4. Avic F930BT

    Hello. My Avic F930BT after a few minutes of listening to the radio goes to the demonstration of its capabilities. How to get rid of it? It works like a screen saver and repeats endlessly. After touching the screen, it works properly again a few minutes and again Please help...