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  1. Trouble after Hack removal

    Ok, instead of what hlekinfr suggested above I tried something else. By searching the forum I found another post by hlekinfr uploading his X9310BT user backup folder (http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/80807-moderators-please-remove-condis-hackmode-v221/?hl=%2Bsuper+%2Btestmode&do=findComment&comment=331750). By going to http://home.comcast.net/~cinful75/x9310bt/ I used the supertestmode to boot into maintenance. I copied all the folders/datas from my avic-f930bt on the sd-card (I finally made a backup by this). Then i compared prg0 und prg1 at the X9310BT user backup to point out what was different/missing compared to my f930bt prg0 and prg1. So prg0 and prg1 have to have basicly the same folders and datas so I coypied from prg0 to prg1 what was missing (if you have the same issues try to find out whats different with your avic, maybe you have to do it a little bit different) and deleted the old av.exe replacing it with the av.exe from X9310BT user backup. After that I copied everything to my sd, booted into testmode, replaced the folders (don't forget to unmount the sd) and booted anew. Finally I can use my avic before the trouble I had with gwenys hackremoval. At this point I would like to recommend everyone who wants to delete/rewrite the password to use the supertesmode!! It's all you need and it's less trouble!!
  2. Trouble after Hack removal

    Oh thanks! I'll try that.
  3. Hello, Fellows! Recently I bought a new car with a Pioneer avicF930bt system. Unfortunately there was a password after doing a firmeware update for the radio. :/ So lukily Condi's HackMode v2.21 worked perfectly fine and i could remove the password! So i thought... okay time for the removal using this uninstaller by gweny: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36854-undo-condis-hack-mode/page-2&do=findComment&comment=330314 But now i have the same problem as hlekinfr. I have a loading screen but nothing else... I cannot install Condi's HackMode v2.21 again or load the uninstaller ... Strangely i can update the firmware... Can someone help me?!!!!!!! maybe it's a problem because I installed Condi's HackMode v2.21 but used an uninstaller for version 2.1 ?!!! HELP!!! and thanks a lot!