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  1. Avic-7000Nex seems to have bricked. When i boot the system, it shows "Reading Please wait for while" and then shows the update failed! screen (photo attached). I tried updating the firmware, but it always shows updating 1.03 to 1.03 regardless of what version of firmware is on the usb drive. I already tried using different usb flash drives (about 6~7). The usb flash drives is inserted in usb1 slot. I can see the device reading the data from the usb drive, but for some reason doesn't detect the new firmware. Each time i put in the usb drive, it takes a while to read the data on the drive, then shows updating 1.03 to 1.03, progress shows -1 at it exits to the update failed screen. I looked through several forums, but i can't seem to find anything to fix my screen. Any help would be deeply appreciated.