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  1. X850BT Nag Screen

    Sorry kinda forgot about this post since I've been so busy with my new born baby. The bypass is so that you can set the navigation while in motion and any other screens that get greyed out. The nag screen I was trying to get rid is the one where you switch to navi mode and it says its blah blah warnings and have to click one more time to get into it. I learned to live with it since I haven't got any feedback for this unit.
  2. X850BT Nag Screen

    Hello to all, I picked up a floor model AVIC-X850BT from BestBuy for under $200 last month. I already bypassed it successfully and I'm looking to remove the navi nag screen now. Sifting through the site, I found the appropriate testmode.key and backed up the filesystem to the SD card. What's next? Has this model been done already or similar? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  3. Avic x930bt New maps anybody?

    I'm looking to do the same on my X850BT $15 seems like a steal... On navigation.com yours its listed for $120. When I look up my X850BT model on there, I see for 2014. Wondering what the differences are between models...format, etc.