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  1. 87 Pathfinder

    My lovely lil beast
  2. Hi everybody, Recently bought a pioneer AVH X2700BS To install in my 1987 pathfinder. Paid some dude to do the install from a car stereo place in Vancouver WA. He fabricated a dash mount and made the double then fit he also replaced all factory speakers and put in a monobloc amp with 2 12 inch subs. Ever since The install is completed I smelled a burning wire and eventually the smell went away and then I noticed that the brake lights were stuck on even when the vehicle was turned off only way to get them to turn off is by pulling the stop lamp fuse from the fuse box under the steering well. Wondering if he possibly could have fried something while doing the install? Hopefully there is a simple fix that I can do myself I'm getting tired of having to pull the fuse every time I shut off the car. Also I would like to be able to watch DVDs on my head unit but don't want to have to keep the car running while doing this. What can I do to make this happen? I was thinking maybe if I just shut off the subs? Or am I going to actually have to install some sort of hardware? Like a second battery or a capacitor or something. Any help will be greatly appreciated and if you have any questions about the setup I'm using just ask.
  3. Hi guys just upgraded to a new head unit considering my precious avic was having to many issues lol. I purchased a AVH-x2700bs. Installed the unit and for whatever reason when I turn off the vehicle it loses all power and memory. I'm sure I have something wired incorrectly so could you please help me out Second issue: when I first hooked up the unit I was going through the initial setup and it has me setup my iPhone 6. I connected it via the blue tooth and was able to stream music and everything else from my phone. Now for whatever reason it doesn't let me connect to the Bluetooth. Bluetooth capability was one of the main reasons I bought this head unit. I'm about to get a damn ken wood if I don't stop having issues with these pioneer units.
  4. So I just purchased this unit yesterday. I was extremely excited considering all the bad ass things it's capable of "doing" so for me to say I'm disappointed with this unit would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. So to begin with I get the majority of the wiring done and plug in the unit. Blue screen blue screen blue screen crash. So I update to 2.06 or whatever firmware it is. Well the unit restarts and then it's like nothing works. I can push into the menu but I can't click on anything. How long should I wait? I've no updated to 3.1 and same thing. I've yet to hear this new head unit belt out the song of its people via my speakers. So please could someone lead me in the right direction so I can finish fixing this thing.