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  1. Dave, when you switched out the SXV300, did it fix the problem?

  2. I am going to buy another SXV300 tomorrow and change it out and see if I suddenly get sound back on my SiriusXM. I will report back here if that fixes the problem
  3. What exact wire would cause the SIriusXM radio to not have sound BUT have data? Remember that ONLY SiriusXM has no sound. All other sources work fine.
  4. After many months of using my SiriusXM radio on my 8100nex, all the sudden there is no audio at all. All other sources work fine EXCEPT SiriusXM. The display is showing all the songs/titles/artwork. Just NO sound at all. I have tried reseting/restoring the 8100nex, reflashing the latest firmware (1.03) and even cutting power to my car batter to reset. NOTHING has worked to get my sound back on SiriusXM. I heard other Pioneer HUs have had the same problem in the past and it was fixed with a firmware update with those models, but there is no newer firmware than the current 1.03. How do I get my sound back on my SiriusXM on my 8100nex???