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    Hello, I have been trying to load spotify with android auto but it is not an option when i plug my phone is. Only good play music is. I am using nexus 6p with the avic 8100nex. I have tried to uninstall both app and clear the data and cache of both. Anyone else having similar issues?
  2. Thanks for the responses. I bought off amazon they told me to send it back to them so that's what I did. Thanks for the help I figured there was a reset somewhere now I know
  3. hello I was trying to update my firmware from 1.01 to 1.03 and I got an error saying failed to update. And then I press the home button to reboot and just keeps booting to the same screen. So it's stuck in a boot loop basically. Is there a way to hard reset the 8100? Or a way to fix this, Thanks!
  4. wow that does seem quite complex. Certainly above my knowledge level on the subject. I'll have to continue to search around till a step by step comes up
  5. Thanks! Any guide on the turn signal mod you mentioned?
  6. I'm not concerned with the GPS from the car as I use google maps through android auto so my phone is computing the nav process. Ideally I wanna add 3 camera one with each turn signal and one in the front of the car so I can see when pulling forward. I want the turn signal camera BC in my Camaro(my 2nd car with avic 8100) the blond spots are horrible. Ive been reading that I can tap into the turn signal because it gets constant power when activated but I'm not sure that the dash would know to switch to the camera view. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have a 2015 wrx and just installed the avic 8100 nex, I noticed it has inputs for the reverse camera. I did not use this input as subaru uses the MFD to display the reverse camera. I wanna use the input to wire up a camera that is activate when i use my turn signals. Anyone have an guides on how to do this? Thanks in advance
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