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  1. Do you mean you put the files from the lect hand page into the right hand page or visa versa? So is it: files in "your flash disk" >> "Storage card" or Files in "storage card" >> "your flash disk"
  2. Hi there! I reccently bought a new car with the F900BT installed, although not working correctly I was directed to http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/34671-a-fix-for-euro-f900bt-that-hangs-on-splash-screen-with-all-euro-files-needed/ within these forums, however the links to the files required are now dead and buried. Does anyone have the available files? the specific ones we need are: - The EURO SDLMC FILES - EURO AVIC BACKUP FILES - Test mode files I'll forever be in your debt if anyone can help me out! driving around in a new car with no music is hell! contact me via thi
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