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  1. GPS/Maps Won't Plot Route

    Off Road setting was it! I turned it off and everything started working properly. I feel stupid. But it works and turn by turn is good. (Now if they had a male voice that read street names, I'd be happy. The female voice sort of creeps me out. )
  2. GPS/Maps Won't Plot Route

    From Pioneer. It was a remanufactured item and came sealed in a Pioneer box with original Pioneer cables and manuals.
  3. GPS/Maps Won't Plot Route

    I have just installed an 8000NEX. I like it except that it will not plot a route in maps. I get a straight line from where my vehicle is to my final destination. As I drive, the distance shown diminishes and direction (NESW) is shown. But there is no street-by-street route. And there is no turn-by-turn announced. I updated the firmware today and I still have this problem. I've looked at every setting I can possibly think of, but nothing seems to help the situation. Has anyone run into this problem AND have a solution? packmann