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  1. Bump need to find factory Bluetooth files....
  2. So I was running 1.3 and recently i would for no reason just index all music from SD card and from USB1, it would hold on the index for a few days then for no reason just reindex. Its over 100GB of music between to two drives so i decided to check for a update. Found 1.5 then before i installed it show the thread for 1.7, in the process saw the thread for Cracked map updates (Awesome) and for the bypass screen removal (later to notice the 8100 is not supported). So I installed the 1.7 update checked the bluetooth and it is not grayed out. After sometime it will come back but it have no firmware listed and doesnt work but the Update firmware option is accessible . I have tried to do a firmware update using the files found in the AVIC5100NEX update folder for 3 versions 1.3, .1.5, 1.7 but so far all three fail. So currently I do not have working BT Issue 2 I followed the instruction to load the Cracked Maps SW and it doesnt boot into the mode needed to load it. Can someone help me get back to a working Unit? Update Figured out you need to put all the files for the Maps on the root and not in the folder like the normal updates now just need help with BT I do remember there being a seperate BT update in the past but i cant seem to find it to at least get a older but working BT back
  3. Android Auto warning screen

    How do I go about fixing or bypassing this screen My setup: 8100NEX Nexus 6 I updated my phone to a new rom and now this happens... I dont understand how a rom on my phone can cause this.... anyone have insight?
  4. what is the optimal usb and ssd drive type/size

    Honestly with the low bandwidth needed for music and video on the 8100 you should never see the USB 2.0 bottleneck... I am in the process of testing out a quad channel Thumb drive and see if they sell quad channel SD cards.... With this Read speeds would x4
  5. Pioneer Nex Full Android Mirroring Videos

    $30 for this app is crazy IMO... I understand a lot of work goes into making this but damn.....
  6. You can also use Google Maps and pre load the maps... If the HU is Using GPS it shouldnt use data (GPS is not a cell company feature and is not paid to use feature) but AGPS is a Feature that will use data... GPS verse AGPS With AGPS instead of Global Satellites as location means it uses Cell phone towers (2 for low res location, 3 for accurate) those cell towers are you cell companies towers.... AGPS is a faster lock on phones but does use a little data... Phones mostly use this as a handoff get a quick link via AGPS the handover to full GPS when a lock is acquired. AGPS- Assisted Global positioning System - Uses Cell phone towers and data connection to find location (carrier may charge against data plan or air time minutes, very fast position locator GPS- Global positioning System - Is a chip inside of phone there is no carrier charges has slower connection, can make phone hot, Chips in phones hasn't been upgraded in phone in a long time (like 5 to 10 years)
  7. Hi, I am Adrian, Long time Pioneer HU user but finally decided to join a Forum to expand my knowledge and to offer my unique outlook and technically knowledge . My First Pioneer HU was the AVH-P4100DVD back in 2009 to accompany the rest of my Pioneer system (includes A class Amp, D class amp, Component Tweeters, Component Front door speakers, Rear 6x9 deck, and 2 Champion series 12" subs) Upgraded to the AVIC 8100NEX in June and love it. It has upgraded everything I loved about my P4100 and expanded on the Tech. The 24bit DAC to support FLAC was one of the main reasons for me to upgrade along with NTFS support and the Android Auto (along with a native Navi system). I am into audio quality so FLAC was awesome, My system is very balanced so even though I have 2 12" subs it is tuned for very balanced reproduction. Coming here I am happy to see someone is modifying the firmware to run other OSes. Hope to help where I can and Learn something.... Thank you for reading.....
  8. what is the optimal usb and ssd drive type/size

    Fat32 has a Soft limit of 32GB per volume/partition in Windows based systems but can be surpassed buy 3rd party software. If you are using a Windows based Computer its hard to believe windows allowed you to format a 480GB, 256GB and 128GB Drives using Fat32... Using the standard formatting tool it shouldn't even be a option. I wouldn't be surprised if the drive was actually formatted NTFS Because that the default setting for drive of that size unless you are using MAC or Linux. Either way the file allocation is very easily corrupted using FAT32, NTFS is the best option for Newer AVIC HU's that support it... Doesn't surprise me at all..... But honestly NTFS is a way better File system, Its faster and a lot more reliable then FAT32... Shit exFAT is even better then FAT32