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  1. I have done what you say but the maps menu is still in french, at least works now, merci Guizmo!
  2. Done! Merci beacoup! Pd: maps menu is still in french, i dont know how to change it
  3. First of all, thank you very much, i have learned and i have saved time and money thanks to you, One last question, there are just french maps, how could i add spanish maps??
  4. Merci beaucoup Guizmo!! first step succesfully done, now the unit works properly and i can acces settings and maps! Now, im going to put the lang and voices folders in. i havent moved the car, i was in the garage and the map has located me in france, works your flash disks maps in spain ??
  5. Ok, i will delete testmode No, i just overwrited the files of your flash disk to my flash disk..
  6. I have done these steps, replace files from your disk and update wince, but the unit is in same way as before, i cant access setting or maps and the startup message doesnt dissapear... ++ Well, during the replacement process some files couldnt be accesed. so i ignored them (look the photo) Also i have copied testmode folder... which files were not recognized. what should i do now?
  7. Thank you very much, im going to do it this afternoon, one question: i see the LOPUE080 folder is for F910bt, my unit is F900bt, any problem with that??
  8. I am able to run WinCe but I dont find European Backup files anywhere, could someone put a link? Would i need something else?? Please help me.
  9. Hi everyone, I have an F900bt unit, i tried to upgrade it through pioneer official support web, so i downloaded the v4.001000 with cnsd-200 and i ran it in the avic without checking the current version before, an error ocurred at the end of the load and since then, the unit reboots at 4 minutes, the message "iniatializing...." doesnt disappear and im not allowed to enter settings or maps, just av section, which seems to work before systems reboot at 4 minutes. ive been reading and trying some things, but not being an expert i dont want to screw up again. Could someone help sho
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