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    Guizmo , you are just GREAT!!!!!!! U helped me and so many other people!! God bless u , dude!! Greetings from BULGARIA!
  2. Hallo everyone, sorry I'm spaming with this topic. I was researching all the topics, but I didn't find a working link. Could somebody send me the european backup files for the 2.009 firmware? Im havin' an avic f900bt... Thank u so much guys!! my email: denitsa.ivanova91@gmail.com
  3. Hallo everyone!!! At first i want to say sorry if there's already a topic like this one! I''m doing my best for more than 3 days and nights and I've found so much topics but no one was the solution for me.. I bought a car and its with the pioneer avic f900bt in... the firmware is 2 , ive tried with 3.0 and 4 . 00 but now i downgrade finally do 2.009.. The problem is that when I try to touch AV SOURCE from the main menu I dont get access to the menu.. I just hear the beep sound and nothing. its not like when I touch the Settings Icon and see all the options like ''calibration; screen adjustice etc''... I wanted to play a CD but I just cant go to this option.. Why is the AV SOURE untouchable?? when i touch the other options like Phone/ Nav. i hear sounds , but I cant access the AV menu to choose to play CD or radio for example?? I've put a CD , too but nothing happened.... Sorry for my english and sorry if im spaming :( This is my last help, thank u people!!!