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  1. Pioneer 4100Nex Password Screen

    incarnato Much thanks it took a while and it was tedious but it worked Thanks for taking the time to share the tip
  2. Pioneer 4100Nex Password Screen

    Yep that's my problem I have numbers in my password I used a toothpick to hit the very bottom corner and the above shift/capitalize key is selected and same goes for the Go/Enter on the other side I think what chaps me the most about this is when I called Pioneer and before I half way go out what the issue the gentlemen I was speaking with was already telling what to do made it seem like it was a known issue. Guess it's easier for them just to have the end user rip out the deck and wait 3 weeks for the reset then to fix the issue all together (sorry for the rant just frustrated )
  3. Pioneer 4100Nex Password Screen

    Issue - I have Pioneer 4100Nex that I had set a password on my battery died which reset the unit. I am at the password screen know the password but it seems there was a loss of calibration on the screen and when I tap the bottom row of characters they are not accessible. I called Pioneer and they said pull the unit and send it in and wait 3 weeks and they can clear it out. Is there any alternative solution for this? Thanks in advance for any response or assistance