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  1. Does anyone know if it even has a VSS wire? If so, where is it?
  2. Tested Phones for Z1

    Yup, Pioneer dropped the ball on creating a compatibility list. [url=http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1353]http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1353[/url]
  3. AVIC-Z1 HDD - What comes with this thing?

  4. AVIC-Z1 HDD - What comes with this thing?

  5. AVIC-Z1 HDD - What comes with this thing?

  6. AVIC-Z1 HDD - What comes with this thing?

  7. AVIC-Z1 HDD - What comes with this thing?

    Here are the pictures of what I bought... and what came with it. Sorry my camera is not so great.... better than nothing. :) These are pictures of all of the boxes for: AVIC-Z1 Sirius Adapter Bluetooth Adapter IPOD Adapter Rear Camera Contents to follow....
  8. I'm trying to understand what comes with this thing standard and what "Adapters" you need to buy to make things functional. Can anyone help confirm? -Is the TV Tuner adapter not built-in to the Z1, or do you have to buy this adapter listed below? -Does the surround adapter work with the Z1? -Does the Vehicle Dynamics Adapter have to be purchased to see lateral G force / Speed / RPM type information? Or are those features built-in and the Vehicle Dynamics adds more details like voltage/temp/oil pressure/those different views on the homepage. -The rear seat remote is useless unless you have an additional monitor for the backseat people right? FYI..these are overly inflated prices...i've seen a lot cheaper online for some of these things...some with and some w/o same warranty coverage. Part No. Name Est. Unit Cost ($) AVIC-Z1 HDD InDash Headunit 2250 ND-BT1 Bluetooth Adapter 120 CD-IB100II iPod Interface Adapter 50 SIR-PNR2 SIRIUS Dig.Sat.Radio Tuner Adapter 100 DEQ-P8000 Dolby Digital/DTS Dolby Pro Logic II Audio Processor Adapter* 450 GEX-P5700TV TV Tuner Adapter* 350 AVG-VDP1 Realtime Vehicle Dynamics Processor Adapter* 300 ND-BC1 Universal Rear View Camera 250 CD-SR1 Steering Wheel Remote 20 CD-RV1 Rear Seat Remote Control 15 * Not for Z1? Thank you for helping me understand this in advance.
  9. Surround Adapter - DEQ-P8000

    Does the DEQ-P8000 work with the AVIC-Z1? I mean it is just a car... surround sound would be nice though. :) Anyone have the unit and think it's worth it? Is there a way to wire it to work with the AVIC-Z1 for surround DVD playback? I have an '04 Audi S4 with a factory Tape/Sirius/6-CD Indash Changer system. BOSE Sound System Audi Symphony 4 x 20 watt + 70 watt subwoofer (active speaker)
  10. I think the answer is no... unfortunately. :-( ... but this does not support the iPOD video ...video features does it? I heard someone complaining about the interface being slow. Scrolling through tracks 5 at a time? Comments/suggestions/insight anyone? Looking for advice on this. On a side-note, if anyone is wondering...the Avic-Z1 does [u]NOT[/u] support DivX playback. Got that info from an install shop that talked to Pioneer about it for me. This is why it would be great to be hack a way to port the audio/video straight from an external device into the Z1.
  11. Does anyone know if the ND-BT1 works with the Samsung SPH-A900 cell phone? I have contacted some install shops. The answer is we'll have to try it. One shop owner said it might work, but with limited functionality. Does that mean I can make calls, but not access the address book functions for example? Or is the phone just not going to work? I have not seen a phone compatibility list yet. I don't think Pioneer has one yet from my understanding. Thanks!