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  1. I had it repaired by Pioneer. They replaced the “board”. Cost me $380 which I’m hoping my Credit Card extended warranty will cover.
  2. Oh Geez. I just triggered this same problem on my 7600 after a factory reset as well. Anybody have a resolution yet? I'm waiting on support to respond.
  3. Thanks! I'm waiting to hear back from support. I'll update this post once I do.
  4. I recently began having issues with my unit connecting to CarPlay. The unit would prompt, "To use Smartphone Connectivity..., pairing is required, etc". If I paired the unit, CarPlay would work until I powered off the unit. I thought this was an Apple Problem, but I realized this thing was NOT saving any of my bluetooth devices at all. Every time I powered it off, it requests to re-pair again. I went ahead and did a factory reset on the device, and now it's stuck in a boot loop. I've pulled all power, still stuck. I cracked the unit open and there is NO SD card for me to attempt
  5. Yep, I a have this same problem as well. 2000 LX470. Firmware 1.0.3.
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