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  1. Thanks Ron, and sorry for the late answer. The unit was driven in my homelab, using a save constant power source. In the meantime, i was able to get another F40BT from a friend for some weeks. This unit is running fine. I was aso able to take a copy of the Nand. But i'm unable to mount the nand again on my broken one, so there is also no way to restore some files if the partition/disk is not available. Is there any way to fix/repair/reformat the nand? Best regards
  2. I'm not shure about the radio stations, but at least it was keeping the custom splash screen and the current audio source/track information. In the meantime, i made a big step - in the wrong direction. Looks like the nand is finally - toasted: (when running the drive information -> nand) Is there any hope for this device?
  3. With my second hand car, i got also an Pioneer F40 installed. The seller allready mentioned, that there are some issues with this device. As an it guy, i was optimistic to fix those issue(s) by myself. After some researching, i found the pioneer service manual, different firmwares, the supertestmode-tool and maps. Following to service manual, i tried to re-install all software, but i'm failing at "3. PROGRAM FORCED WRITE" My unit does fail at the first step: If i perform all other steps, like the platform write - everything is rocking fine, but the unit is still not working as expected. Any hints how to proceed and restore my device? The NAND read/write test is running without anny issues. Currently, it does play music from all sources, but is unable to remember my personal language settings, and to navigate (but it is able to show the current map/position without any issue) Kind regards, Mike