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  1. Yea I am on currently on 1.11. Any ideas on how I could force the unit to update the firmware (if thats even possible?). The typical process requires me to go into the settings menu and initialise it from there but as the unit wont boot past the loading screen im at a loss. Thanks for the help. Alex
  2. Hi everyone! First post on this forum but I have been a long time lurker whilst researching which headunit to buy for my car so please be kind . As the title suggests I am having some pretty major issues with my stereo, the only blessing seems to be that it is software related (at least thats what I am hoping). When driving home yesterday my head-unit rebooted randomly and then proceeded to get stuck on the pioneer loading screen (the second screen after the initial splash). I initially thought the unit had just crashed so I tried restarting the vehicle and I got the same behaviour again. Interestingly I can still hear the radio in the background whilst on this screen but none of the buttons on the device work so I cant adjust the volume etc. I have tried pulling the head-unit out and leaving disconnected from power to see if that resets it but with no luck so far. I have spoken with Pioneer and they have advised me to send the unit into a authorised repair centre, which I am ok with doing but would be very frustrating for what could be a simple software reset. I have searched high and wide across the net and have not come across any instructions on how to put the device into recovery mode (presuming one exists that is..). Is anyone able to point me in the right direction or propose anything that I could try? Thanks for reading Best Regards, Alex