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  1. AVIC F900BT problems

    tank you verry mutch! it works.
  2. AVIC F900BT problems

    tanks! But the second link with the voice doesnt work. Than you have the FLB.zip that is in the 3th download link and there are two folders inside POI and FLB i don't see the folder map.
  3. AVIC F900BT problems

    It works really good only the navigation language is in french so now i need the language file APL2/iGo/content/lang/Lang_French.zip in dutch. But i don't know where i can find it. The other option is to put the tom tom 2015 maps on it but i don't really know how to do that..
  4. AVIC F900BT problems

    It worked tank you very much!!
  5. AVIC F900BT problems

    Now its working i noticed that the theme thats on the unit is different than the default theme i see on the internet pics of the radio. So does anyone now how to change the theme back to the default theme?
  6. AVIC F900BT problems

    i have replace the WINCEIMG.BIN and WINCEIMG.CKS from v3 and now it works. thanks anyway!
  7. Hello, I have bought a Pioneer avid f900bt but when i turn in on the pioneer logo comes on and the lights of the buttons go on but then is stocks and after a few minutes it reboots. I try the reboot fix this didn't work. I also try to update it with v2 v3 and v4 but updating with v2 and v3 it gives an error. With v4 the updating works only after the update it stil reboots. I don't know what to do now i hope someone nows a solution. Tanks! good evening Guido