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  1. Hi everybody! I'm currently having a lot of issues with my 9 months old Appradio 4 unit. Some days ago, I wasn't able to make my iPhone 9.2.1 work with the unit... It seemed that the unit was unable to detect the cellphone, so I was unable to run Carplay as usual. Following Pioneers instructions, I reseted the device, restored the iPhone, changed the cable, attached it directly to the usb1 port in the radio... but nothing happened. The funny part is that if you connect the iPhone to the usb and then turn on the contact in the car, it starts charging, but no Carplay nor detection as iPhone, so I asume it's not a hardware failure. I took the sph-da120 unit to service, and after 3 weeks (3 weeks!) they decided to change the mainboard... but everything stays the same. No Carplay, no iPhone in usb1, and no chance to upgrade the firm on the Appradio because European website has pulled down every file download for this device. If i flash the device to the american 1.11 firm, I assume I'd lose the warranty, so if it doesn't work as a solution to my issues... I could't do anything more. Is there anything you would do before returning the unit to tech service? I don't really want to stay another 3 weeks with a big hole in the car.. travelling in silence! Any idea will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, buddies! Salva
  2. Greetings from Spain

    Hi, buddies! I've just arrived to this wonderful forum, so I'd wanted to say hello! My name is Salva, I'm a 37 years old journalist from Spain, and nowadays I'm having some issues with my sph-da120 unit. Thanks for having me on! Cheers!