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  1. Annoying video skipping problem 8100NEX

    Thanks for the reply man. I picked up another usb drive and I think I'll transfer all my vids over to it and see if it does the same thing or not. Hopefully it works!
  2. Since I got my unit last April, these problems have been driving me insane. Pioneer finally sent me a new stereo unit after I was able to take video of it, but now the new unit is doing it. It's mainly a problem with playing video off the SD card. My SD card was a class 4 32gb and worked amazingly in my old AVIC3100bt. I changed cards over to this one a week ago and noticed a big improvement: PNY Elite Performance 32 GB High Speed SDHC Class 10 UHS-I, U1 up to 95 MB/Sec Flash Card (P-SDH32U195-GE) I finally got brave enough to put my dash back together (it's a royal pita that hasn't been together in the last year)... and now I'm having one of the same problems popping up again. Totally random, when a video file finishes playing, the system loads the second file in the first video folder. Happens a couple times a day lately- whatever file I'm playing doesn't matter, it randomly jumps to the second file in the first folder, always. It was the same on the last stereo unit. Its one of the most frustrating problems I've ever had with any product. The card currently has 4 video folders with about 150 video files each. The files are mp4. Every file plays well. Is there a maximum number of files per folder allowed? There was on my old AVIC... I guess my next step is having only 1 folder on the card and hopefully it wont randomly jump to file number 2, but hopefully somebody can help me solve this. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  3. Do you use Navi on your Nex

    I use the nav quite a bit, it's confusing tho when Siri jumps on there and takes over sometimes... still havent messed with it enough to find out how to turn Siri's volume down through the unit. I swear she thinks I'm deaf.
  4. Hello from the Southwest

    Wish I'd have known about this forum a long time ago, probably would have saved me quite a few hassles. Nice to meet you all!