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  1. 8400 nav problem

    Well just a update in case anyone else runs into this problem. Pioneer said it needs to be serviced... 175 bucks plus parts.... nope after fighting my way to get the firmware installed correctly.. bam shes back to fully functioning. 1st new model with screen mirroring and stoked its fully touch compatible
  2. 8400 nav problem

    Is this a known problem? Worth fixing or return?
  3. 8400 nav problem

    What up all.. I picked up a 8400 demo for 385 online after my 8200 was stolen.. navigation and android auto will not work. I called pioneer and soon as I said that when I press nav I get a loading igo, they told me its defective and need to be repaired, or i can try to reload the newest firmware. I'm going to try but wanted thoughts. Seller is willing to do a partial refund not sure how much yet.. any info greatly appreciated
  4. True wattage? Power pack?

    Picked up a 8200 and came with a alpine power pack ktp-445u. My question is it worth installing this power pack.. 45w rms x 4 when if I'm correct the factory head unit is 50w rms?
  5. Camera Settings

    I've been poking around on here looking for some answers... (probably here but I can't seem to find them) I'm looking into a back up camera for my 8100, it's going on my box truck so looking for something bigger than the standard license plate cam. Specifically the Gemineye Ecco c2013b camera... but it's a 4 pin connector. I've seen adapters for 4 pin to rca but still not clear to me. Any info will be greatly appreciated, and put my mind at ease.