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  1. Hi Rake, I don't have much experience yet, but it needs an firmware update. After this update, your lighting connector and Iphone >5 will be recognized ... I have the same issue, see topic Updating Firmware F940BT, but for some reason my update will not process as it should be ...
  2. sounds cool, since this is update is quite expensive ... virusfree ?
  3. AVIC F-940BT firmware update

    No, I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit, unzipping was done by 7-zip. It is indeed correct what you stated, that this 4.6 version is mainly for the Lightning support and needs to be done prior to the EUmap2015 update ... Anyway, I was not able to do this update to 4.6 again with all tips and tricks I just heard here, ... but I'll keep you posted and hopefully I will not 'burn' the thing ... I checked your website, indeed, the X-940BT is for US/Canada ... nice thing that they still have the drivers online, EU support site doesn't mentioned anything ...
  4. AVIC F-940BT firmware update

    Dear RonS, Very good questions at the bottom of your post ... Well, actually, I don't know, I just want to update my maps, that's all, since this was never done before (I guess, how to check which version of maps is installed ??), and that was also Pioneer's first statement: if you want to update your maps, you have to update your firmware to 4.6. From then on, you can buy the EUmaps2015 where the update to, I assume v6.0, is included). So, what do you recommend then ? I need to be sure that if I buy the EUmaps2015 this can be installed on the unit I've now ... Lighting support, is included in this EUmaps2015 update ? I really would like to have it as well ... Now I'm totally lost ... PS: I also posted this issue to Pioneer Support, they just say: We're sorry you can not update to 4.6 ...
  5. AVIC F-940BT firmware update

    I'm quit sure it was on SD ... but I will verify it again ... So, stupid question maybe, when it's red highlighted, it's the right option, correct ? Looking to a capture of the manual, which I attached, it is on SD, right ? Also, thank you for your warning, but also for this case I used the default setting: System uCom Write. what do thet mean with: for F-940BT, Multicontrol is used instead of the VOL(+/-) button ?
  6. AVIC F-940BT firmware update

    Hey Blackstone, Indeed I stated that the update did'nt finish, just because I couldn't pass further after SD version "----" ... you have to press the MODE button, but nothing happened. So in fact, the real updating process starts after this, and not in the beginning since it's just copying the files ... But I will reformat the SD micorcard, since it was formated like fat32, 32k. It's a 8Gb version. Concerning the Bluetooth, sounds logic, will do this as you stated. Keep you updated ... PS: for some reason can't upload pic's ...
  7. AVIC F-940BT firmware update

    Dear Blackstone, thnx for your reply. The reason why I didn't all 3 files/folders is because Pioneer clearly stated that you have to do the update first with these two files, AVICZ110 and Testmode.key, when this is done, you delete these files from the SD card, and then copy the third file, Firmware, since this will update your bluetooth version. So following your suggestion, I just will put those 3 files on the SD card, right ? Following this, should me help to pass through number 7, SD version "-----" ?? Grtz
  8. Hi all, as I am new, sorry maybe that this case was already posted before, but couldn't find a close answer yet ! So, I've a F940BT, was placed in my second hand car, bought in the beginning of February 2016. So, I would like to have a map update on that, Europe 2015 should be nice, but therefore my firmware needs to be updated (answer of Pioneer Belgium)! This is what I have now: - Platform Version: 4.000 - Application Version: 4.010 - Bluetooth Firmware Version: 3.24 - Mecah Version: After mailing with P. Support they sent me a file since this update was prior to the mapupdate. Name of file: AVIC-F40BT_FW-Update_v4.600 After upzipping you receive: - AVICZ110 - Testmode.key - Firmware The first two, AVICZ110 and Testmode.key, were copied unto a microSD and I followed the procedure written by Pioneer. But at number 7 in the update manual: Confirm (1) the SD version is "8.05" and (2) the uCom version is "8.04" or earlier, I saw that the SD version mentioned "-----------". Concerning the manual, this could happen and this is due to a corrupt file ??? I received the file from Pioneer itself, so unzipped it again, same problem. My questions: - what can I do since the update didn't finish ? - what happened actually with my system since the first update went fine (number 5 in the update manual) but this last part didn't ? The system itself works still the same, only it boots a little bit slower. I hope your expertise will help me out ! Many thanks in advance.
  9. Greetings From Belgium

    Hi all, I'm Sam, 39y old, from Belgium. Just a noobie on this forum and in the world of this kind of car entertainment, but hopefully I will receive answers here and learn more about my AVIC-F940BT. Yes, it's an older system, but just bought a second hand car and the car was equipment with this. So I start searching the web about cardupdates (since it was never done before) and I bumped into the fact that the firmware was never updated ... Starten to mail to Pioneer Customer Support, but didn't always received the answers, so, searching the web brought me here ! Anyway, I will try to find the right topic for my case ... Have a nice day ! Grtz, Sam