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  1. GPS takes a long time to display.

    My gps takes 15-20 seconds to start displaying the map. I'll get the spinning wheel for a while before the maps appear. Sometimes I'll be almost out of my street before it displays. GPS connections show that I'm getting a good signal. Is this normal? My antenna is mounted in the center of my dash under a mesh speaker grill. I've taken off the grill to see if it helps but it's still the same.
  2. USB1 to USB hub?

    I should say, that with a flash drive plugged into the hub, it works fine. It's when I plug the phone in for Carplay is when I get the issue.
  3. USB1 to USB hub?

    Well, tried two different hubs. Neither worked. On the 4 port hub, I got a message on the screen that said USB1 is disconnecting for device protection.
  4. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Confirmed this works on the 5100NEX on firmware 1.05. It took a few tries but I got it. I do have the parking brake wire correctly connected to my parking brake. I had to apply the parking brake to do this bypass.
  5. USB1 to USB hub?

    Hi all, Recently just installed the AVIC-5100 into my Tundra. Plan on using Carplay with an iphone 6s. Since USB1 is used for carplay, firmware updates, uploading background screens, has anyone used a USB hub to split the single USB1? I want to plug in my lightning cable and another cable to plug into the oem usb port in my truck. As of right now, if I want to update the firmware, I have to remove the radio to plug the flash drive into USB1. You're probably wondering. Why not use the USB that came with the unit and plug the lightning to it? Well, I'm trying to limit the number of visible cables. Right now the lightning is coming out from under the console and is very short and I'd like to keep it that way. It's in a perfect position to plug the phone in and have it stuck to a vent mount.