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  1. installing in an '04 Mustang

    I did check out the site, but I'm not sure which harness I'm supposed to order? They have quite a few different ones available :S.
  2. installing in an '04 Mustang

    I just ordered the AVIC-U310BT off of eBay and I'm getting ready to install it in my 2004 Mustang (non premium audio system). Was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of what kind of dash kit would be best fit with this unit as well as the appropriate wiring harness? Any help/ideas would be great... I'm pretty well a newbie at all of this, so whatever you guys can do to help me out will be much, much appreciated Thanks!
  3. AVIC-D1 + Bluetooth?

    Hi guys, First post! I've purchased an AVIC-D1 off of eBay and should be receiving it in a week's time. I wanted to know if there was anyway to have a bluetooth adapter installed? I've been searching and on Pioneer's website they make no mention of a possible bluetooth add-on. Wondering if anyone could share some insight as to how this may or may not be possible. And also, would anyone know if there are any software upgrades/modifications for the D1 since it's release? Thanks again!