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  1. Thanks RonS, So i tried unplugging the negative battery terminal for a few and it seemed to have the same result after rebooting. connection grey out, and not able to pair from my phone. so just for the heck of it i clicked on the registration button and let it scan for nearby devices. I made sure BT settings on the the phone allowed other devices to find it. The unit found my phone, and when i clicked on it it sent my phone a registration msg asking for the pin, i entered the pin, it successfully paired. So now i can play music and take calls from the phone on my X940bt. I don't know why it doesn't pair the original way but im happy to have a work around. I cant thank you enough for your assistance.
  2. I still have the firmware upgrade option available and have tried to reinstall the BT 3.32 software and i still have the same issue. one thing i noticed is the file dates on the BT 3.32 update are 14DEC2012. Can someone confirm this? Does anyone have MD5 or SHA1 hash of working files for me to compare? below are what is in my /FIRMWARE/BT folder of SD with respective hash's MD5 9b171e7c6be22fdc19e4c2cf7fd7ef57 bootloader.bin a9fb492c3e689a2de4870e9ca215afff CK5050P.plf 292d08d90e659eb0bed3708d8e89bcbd updater.plf SHA1 a0f368dbdb57af37b8521601061220c4f4066792 bootloader.bin 58a33d41cf3d50f04710c448fb11fd4048e4f06b CK5050P.plf 122f4a67e1e8fedae6a0cabc47b230b179346349 updater.plf Is there a safe version of the BT software i can downgrade to, back to 3.22? and where can i find that?
  3. i upgraded my x940bt unit tonight from version 4, with BT 3.22 to ver 6 with BT. 3.32 the upgrade to both the software and BT seems to have gone fine, no errors. But now i cannot pair anything to BT. when i set BT on my phone to scan it sees the unit. but when i try to connect i get the error unable to connect to pioneer navi. when i go to bluetooth settings. the connecttion button in the menu is grey like its unavailable. If i go to bluetooth audio and hit connect on the bottom of the screen it says connection unavailable. Any help would be appreciated. The bluetooth on this unit always worked great before.
  4. Thanks RonS, I appreciate you clearing that up. What is the recommended size for SD card for the upgrade ? does it try to backup or store anything back onto the SD? i believe i have the info needed, but im nervous i might brick my hu. in the install guide it talks about a pw, and its not with the info i have.
  5. All, I could really use some clarification on what the latest versions for my device are. I have seen some references to software version 6 for the x940bt, but when i check pioneers site it says the latest firmware for my device is 4.6. i know my BT could be upgraded, but what is the latest version of the platform version and app version? just so i understand the terminology is the firmware the same as the platform and app version? Is there an upgrade path, that must be be followed or can you just to the latest? ie. from 4 you have to go to 4.1 before 4.6 Lastly can the maps be updated on the older versions? are there known issues ? My device is a x940bt. Platform Ver: 4.0 App Ver: 4.0 BT: 3.24
  6. I bought a used van with a avic-x940bt. When I switch the car into acc mode the radio power off. I took the dash apart and tested the yellow and gray stripe cable and I have power in accessory mode. Can anyone recommend what else to check? I kind of suspect it's not making good contact with the pin in the radio.