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  1. So simple . . . I just wanna plug in my 16G thumdrive and take off Driving !! But NOOOOO. The front AV 2 port (see image 1) requires a CD-RM10 cable which has a mini-plug with 4 contact ring connectors - but at the other end is 3 RCA jacks. No USB. The back of the Unit has an AV 1 connection (see image 2) which is . . . again - a cable with multiple RCA jacks but no USB. Out of desperation I even took my car to "Kar Tunes" and asked the Techs to mount a female USB port jack onto my dash, right next to the AVIC D3. Later in the day they called back saying, "The AVIC D3 does not support USB". There is also a connector in the back called "IP bus" (see image 3)but it is not clear to me how to connect that up so that a USB thumdrive can be used. Is there a way ? Any ideas ??