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  1. hi all. new install of AVH-4100NEX here. firmware was upgraded to 1.05. when i attempt to watch video from SD card i cannot get past the warning screen which asks me to engage-release-engage the parking brake. (see image.) i have the microbypass circuit installed so --i assume-- it is unable recognize that ive engaged the brake and thus the ÓK remains greyed out. 1. does anyone running old firmware (such as 1.03) encounter this problem? 2. might anyone have an old copy of the 1.03 firmware that they could link to? 2a. is it even possible to back rev the firmware on this unit? many thanks, mike microbypass circuit http://www.amazon.com/MicroBypass-Parking-Automatic-Interface-AVH-4100NEX/dp/B00VKQ6ECQ