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  1. Hey Team, Looking for someone to help me out with a software patch regarding my Avic X930BT running firmware 6.0. I'd like to bypass & remove the nag screen. I downloaded a hex editor but cannot find the offsets that are mentioned in this thread (buddy is running 5.1) Has anyone running 6.0 successfully patched this?
  2. Firmware 5.1 hacks (consolidated)

    Can anyone explain to me what the offset is and how to read it? I can get into the offsets just not sure how to read them. ie: 15ac34
  3. AVIX X930BT Noob Question

    UPDATE: I'm an idiot. Parking break needs to be on.
  4. AVIX X930BT Noob Question

    Hey team, Recently bought my first car and have found that it has an AVIC-X930BT. No password was provided (I can't even set the address in my GPS, or click on any other settings besides Audio) assuming that means I need to find the password. Well I put test mode on my SD and put it in the unit. When I went to the location where the tutorial says the password should be. I see no "password" folder. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here.