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  1. F900BT Volume Rotary Encoder Not Functional

    Using a multimeter I was able to ring out the encoder and It does function as expected. The joystick functions up/down/left/right of the encoder work as expected. In the schematic, the only components in line with the encoder and the uPC are two surface mount transistors. These check out good, but could still be faulty. I also found a surface mount fuse that was open (not really part of the volume control circuit) but replacing it had no effect on volume control. I am still at it.
  2. Ok. The unit does have sound but no volume control up or down. The joystick up/down/left/right functions do work. The parking cable is grounded. 1. I replaced the encoder with a salvaged encoder and still have same problem. Unlikely (but possible) that both encoders have the same problem. 2. I rechecked all ribbon cables and wiring, etc. All were properly seated and there were no visible cracks in the cables. 3. There are no external devices connected to the unit. The unit is not set to ipod or ext or anything like that. 4. I checked all the diodes on the encoder PCB and all seemed good. 5. Reset button didn't help. Are there settings that could do this? Any ideas?
  3. AVIC-X930BT Password Keypad Grayed Out

    I agree but this was a repair for a friend. I recommended deleting the password. Also someone donated a similar unit that had the screen smashed. I take it this is what happens when the undeterred thief realizes he needs a password...
  4. AVIC-X930BT Password Keypad Grayed Out

    Wait! Got it. Parking brake wasn't grounded. My bad. Thanks.
  5. Ok. I unlocked an AVIC-X930BT for someone not long ago. Today they bring it back and tell me they cant enter the password. I powered the unit up and the screen where you enter the password comes up but the keypad is grayed out. I cannot enter password. I know it worked when I had it before. I entered the password multiple times to verify. I am guessing they entered the wrong password in three times and got locked out? The touchscreen is fully functional. Any ideas how to get the keypad working again?